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Welcome to the Phoenix Recycling and Shredding

Why Shred?

Theft, vandalism and industrial espionage are becoming ever increasing security problems.  There are too many horror stories resulting from confidential information getting into the wrong hands.  Today’s information explosion, when not properly managed, can be devastating to a business.  Outdated or inactive company files can become damaging.  Shredding this information protects a company against potential lawsuits.

The Supreme Court has ruled that information in the trash is “...fair game to anyone."  An ever expanding array of privacy laws makes companies more vulnerable than ever to lawsuits when personal records are disclosed to outsiders-even by accident.

It is estimated that corporate espionage costs U.S. businesses over $7 billion annually.  It is believed that one in four American adults have been defrauded in various identity theft schemes.

Destruction Method

Phoenix Recycling and Shredding, Inc. has both “mobile” and “plant based” shredding services available.  The mobile shredding is done in one of our trucks at your place of business.  The plant based shredding is done at our secure document destruction center.  A Certificate of Destruction is issued regardless of the method used.

Frequency of Pickups

For businesses seeking regular service, documents maybe picked up on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  Larger or “one time purges” can be scheduled on an as needed basis.  We can typically fill any request within 48-72 hours of notification.

The “Phoenix” Advantage

After your documents are shredded they are immediately compacted into large bales (over 1,000 pounds) of shredded paper and then ultimately shipped to a paper mill.  This process provides an extra level of security as well as being environmentally responsible.  As a consumer, please proceed with caution if your documents are handled in other manners that are not consistent with complete destruction.

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